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About JouleFit

JouleFit is evolving the fitness industry by integrating AI, robotics, and data analytics to create the simplest, most effective and efficient workout ever.

What is JouleFit?

JouleFit is a destination gym powered by force-matching robotics and AI that simplifies and maximizes fitness.

In 15 minutes, work out on our proprietary fitness circuit.  JouleFit dynamically matches your effort in a series of push/pull exercises that take your muscles to failure.  Get the results of your best workout in a fraction of the time!

How Does JouleFit Work?

Our system’s Artificial Intelligence matches the force of your muscles in real time.  We monitor your results and show you how you’re comparing to your history and your community.

Reach Your Potential With JouleFit


JouleFit Innovations

Technology Accelerated Results

Artificial Intelligence is transforming industries across the world by powering innovations and smarter, more efficient processes and solutions. In the realm of health and fitness, JouleFit is at the forefront of this revolution, integrating AI technologies to tailor fitness programs that adapt to individual needs and progress.

By harnessing the power of AI, JouleFit offers users a uniquely personalized fitness journey that also leverages community.  Optimize workouts and enhance your health with proprietary AI from JouleFit.

Dynamic Resistance Matches Your Force

For decades, the fundamentals of workout routines have remained largely unchanged, revolving around traditional weightlifting and cardio exercises. However, JouleFit is breaking new ground with its innovative approach to fitness, particularly through its introduction of dynamic resistance technology. This advancement allows each workout to automatically adjust to the individual's unique strength and endurance levels, transforming how exercises are performed with unprecedented efficiency.

With JouleFit's dynamic resistance, every session is optimized to safely push the user to muscle failure, maximizing the effectiveness of the workout while minimizing time spent exercising. This tailored approach ensures that each person achieves optimal results, making every minute of exercise count more than ever before.

A Quantum Leap Above Counting Steps

Fitness tracking has taken over the world of health and wellness.  JouleFit harnesses this concept through its proprietary system that allows individuals to track their progress and compare their performance against their own results and against peers in their age group. This competitive framework taps into the natural desire to win, enhancing motivation and encouraging consistent participation. By turning fitness into a game where everyone can see their score and strive for the top, JouleFit ensures that not only does each person feel the thrill of competition, but they also experience the benefits of improved health. In this way, everyone wins with JouleFit.

Real Time, Immersive, Comprehensive Results on Display

JouleFit, an innovative AI startup, revolutionizes workout tracking by integrating advanced data visualization techniques to keep users engaged and motivated. With JouleFit’s platform, users can effortlessly visualize their workout progress through intuitive charts and graphs that not only display their historical performance but also enable comparisons with peers in their location or within specific groups.

This comparative analysis helps users understand where they stand in their fitness journey, fostering a healthy competitive spirit and community involvement. By providing a clear, real-time snapshot of personal achievements and peer benchmarks, JouleFit empowers individuals to set informed goals and celebrate milestones, making the path to fitness both transparent and attainable.

JouleFit Benefits

Innovating Fitness and Health

A Quantum Leap for Health

JouleFit combines the latest technologies to deliver a new experience in health and wellness.  The old gym experience is a relic of the past.  The future is here.

With innovations incorporating the best of AI, robotics, machine learning and immersive data visualization, JouleFit enables you to reach your full potential in moments.


Activating Peak Performance

Since ancient times, people have lifted heavy objects to build strength.  The idea that we need to spend countless hours cycling through routines is the  principle behind the modern workout…until now.

JouleFit offers a revolutionary circuit that enables you to maximize your potential in a fraction of the time of a traditional workout.

JouleFit is revolutionizing wellness and making peak performance a possibility for all of us.

Immersive Destination Fitness

JouleFit eliminates the need for traditional sprawling, giant gym facilities.  JouleFit circuits allow a smaller footprint is needed.  We will be found in any retail center, which makes JouleFit accessible and scalable.

Enjoy an immersive experience using next generation video technology.  Be transported into our spa-like environment and level up your mind and body in minutes.  Emerge refreshed and energized thanks to JouleFit.

The Experts Are Talking

Faster and Better

The Most Impactful 15 Minutes You’ll Ever Have In a Gym

Health and Time are no longer enemies! Get fit in a fraction of the time of traditional workouts using the JouleFit.

The JouleFit workout comprises two pull/push
only machines targeting all muscle groups through five compound movements.  In just 15 minutes, twice a week, users can get a better workout than in hours at the gym today.

Meet your goals and keep your schedule.  JouleFit makes it easy!